About Us

“I wanna see you win”

About the Founder,
Shawn Swaim

Shawn Swaim has been a leader in the SEO world since 2010. Starting at the entry level in what became a large Digital Marketing Agency, he quickly rose through the ranks and led several teams and oversaw client success. His experience includes building teams, forming partnerships, and scaling businesses in a variety of fields.

Shawn started his own Digital Marketing practice in 2016 after burning out on the “Big Agency” lifestyle. He has gone on to help many organizations get more visibility so that they can grow their mission. Shawn proudly offers SEO for Churches because it’s a cause near his heart and believes that the impact is profound.

Our Values

We believe that now more than ever, people are turning to the internet to find solutions to their problems and their pain. We believe churches and other kingdom minded organizations are the key to solving that pain. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between people and the organizations that can fulfill them


Everything is trackable. We don’t hide behind fluff because you deserve better.


We believe everything is “figure-out-able”.


Our motto is “It doesn’t cost anything to Pay Attention.” We keep an eye on technology, trends, and general user behaviors to make sure website visitors are happy.