Is SEO Dead? In 2018, It may finally be…

Every time there’s a small update from Google, people swarm to the forums…

OMG, is SEO dead?!?!!

is seo dead?“SEO IS DEAD!” I KNEW IT!!!11!!1


And so on…

Now, I am admittedly a fan of the dramatic, but even this is a bit much for me to process with a straight face.

However, I do have to admit to being pretty excited over some of the changes that Google has been making since December.

Using some of these as indicators, we can start seeing the direction Google is headed.

Then, Google announced this last evening…

Google is partnering with 900+ Brands to create 1,100+ new voice first devices.

This one made me take a step back and really think…

Wow, is it 2012 again?

The world of SEO Consulting was INSANE in 2012, and it’s beginning to feel a lot like that.

Google is fundamentally changing the behavior of its users.

What does this mean for folks in online retail?

Here are three things that have to be absolutely at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Voice Search is a “Piece” of AI

Think about how you use voice search devices.

You use natural language, right? It’s very different from how Google is traditionally used.

Which means how we have to optimize is very different. No more “Optimizing for Keywords.” Instead, we have to optimize for a CATEGORY.

2. Semantic SEO Strategy is more important than ever

Yup, that’s a blast from the past, ain’t it?

Semantic SEO is the creation of content that forms a relationship to the “category” mentioned above.

This means tying together content, Robot Friendly Coding, and media to ensure that Google is able to understand what you are trying to deliver to your customers.

3. Robot Readiness is a MUST

This means your website code must be as clean as possible and that you are using Structured Data.

Structured Data especially helps the crawlers know what it is they are looking at.

I highly recommend a service/tool like to help you.

So, is SEO Dead?

In some regards, yes.

The old school mentality of “Optimizing for Keywords” is gone.

But, the opportunity exists in adapting to new human behaviors.

By the way, if you want to talk about how you can use AI and Voice Search to create a better eCommerce SEO Strategy, we can chat. My clients typically see (on average) a 23% lift in revenue within a few months. You can schedule your time by clicking here and I’ll ask you some questions.

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