3 Strategies to build a profitable SEO strategy in 2018

Before we kick this off… I’m not a big fan of “predictions” articles.
This is all founded in a couple weeks worth of research and trend observing rather than blind guesses disguised as “Thought Leadership.”
It’s very clear that Google has pulled back on the “change accelerator”.
The days of 2011-2013 where every week was a game changer are over.
To me, this means that Google’s product has perhaps matured as far as it’s cor infrastructure is concerned. It’s simply not as simple to manipulate it as it once was. Google doesn’t respond well to tricks designed to get results quick. It would rather see a genuine user experience that surpasses your competitors.
So what does that mean in the short term?
First and most obvious… The quick wins are over.
I could reminisce about how back in the day you’d make a change today and get more traffic/sales next week.
But… as most retailers have learned, investment in SEO today means results down the road.
Which leads to strategy number one…
As I mentioned above, Google gives rankings/traffic (and as a result, revenue) to the sites that create the best user experience.
I’m talking deeper than “Oh, this site loads fast” too.
You need to think from beginning to end user experience. If someone links to you, it needs to be relevant for the user. When they get onto your site, you need to make sure it’s the best experience for your customer, not the best experience your developer could pull off…
When Google sees that your visitors are happy with the experience, they will give you the traffic in time. In the short term, the better user experience of course means a better conversion rate.
As an example of this, I included a screen shot of one of my client’s % results. In the short term, we are seeing a very slight increase in traffic, but a significant lift in conversions and revenue. This is because we overhauled the user experience to create a better user experience. We are confident that once Google catches wind of this our rankings/traffic will follow.
Yes, Google owns something around 91% of the search market, which is insane.
But, think of user behavior. Left and right, new “personal assistant” tools are popping up. Siri, Alexa, Google’s, and probably another handful that I’m missing.
The thing is that a lot of these tools (apart from Alexa) still lean on Google for results. They also lean on sources like Yelp, Various Maps, and others.
So, it’s worthwhile to survey your customers and see how they use search. Then, you build a content strategy if there’s potential for more voice search volume.
You’ve probably noticed that your customer is more educated than ever. They research, research, research every buying decision under the sun before making that decision.
So, use that fact to write blog posts that will answer those questions. Once they see you as the authority, get that visitor into your funnel, and let marketing magic take it from there.
You probably noticed a theme with these three strategies. 2018 will be the “year of the user.”
I hope this helped get your mind thinking of a strategy. If you want to chat about a strategy that can get you a lift in revenue and traffic in 2018, get in touch.

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