How to Edge Up Your SEO Traffic with a few changes

Everyone knows the “basics” of SEO.
Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H Tags, Backlinks and blah blah blah.
The problem with those is that, well, everyone knows them.
Everyone does them.
Sure, there are ways of edging up looking at those elements alone, but Google looks at over 200 individual factors, so you’re going to need a little bit of an edge.
Today, I wanted to share a handful of quick tactics that can help you get that edge.
Sure, you’re not going to see results quick.
These, along with any SEO strategy are part of a longer game.
Anything you do today will not yield results tomorrow.
But… As long as your business is in the game for the long haul, these actions today will mean extra free traffic down the road.
And this isn’t about replacing your current traffic either. This is all meant to be “in addition to.” It’s about growth.
Anyway, here we go…
  1. LSI
LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the art of introducing a “theme” to your website’s content rather than just making it relevant for a specific keyword.
The difference is in a page that talks about “Chocolate Cake” vs a page that talks about Chocolate, Flour, Sugar, Birthdays, Frosting (you get the idea).
When you do this, you open doors for the long tail terms that convert better while also showing Google a bigger story about what you offer.
  1. Internal Linking
I talk about this one frequently because it’s insanely effective.
When you do this, Google gets a better sense as to what each page is about via the anchor text in the link.
So, to do this, you link from one page to another using a targeted keyword as the text in the link itself.
  1. Structured Data
This is a fun one. It does 2 things… First is that it gets information to Google in a way that is written in a way that Google understands it more directly. The second is that with that data, Google can modify your appearance in the Search Results.
When the appearance change happens, it creates what are called “Rich Snippets.” Things like review stars, links, and etc.
This typically means higher click through rate, which is of course more (qualified) traffic to your site.
The little edges are what get you ahead with the search engines.
Hope this helps get some ideas going, leave a comment!

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